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Your kind donations made them know about Islam

Billions of people around the world where there is no current media seeks to present the message Islam to them and even it becomes impossible to introduce Islam, the religion of mercy, to them through travelling or other various traditional ways.

Therefore, Hudhud project seeks to introduce Islam to such non Muslim people using the most modern techniques and world professional media in different languages so that we may clear their doubts and misconceptions about it. Thus, people enter into the religion of Allah in multitudes. After this, we aim to develop online and virtual teachings classes to teach them all about Islam.

Hudhud Project aims to:

Introducing the message of Islam in the most modern techniques.

Correcting misconceptions and clearing doubts about Islam.

Making the best use of the recent media developments to convey the message of Islam.

First Stage: 50,000 KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar).

With Every 40 KWD we get a New Muslim by the permission of Allah.

Contribution starts from 1 KWD.

(To donate from within Kuwait) You can donate via Knet or Visa or monthly deduction.

(To donate from outside Kuwait) You can donate via Visa, MasterCard or bank transfer.

For more details, please contact the Donors Service:

Tel: 0096522052753
Mobile: 0096597277745

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